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The Centre d'interprétation du patrimoine de Sorel (CIPS) wishes to thank Canadian Heritage for the funding we received as part of the Virtual Museum of Canada program.

The Centre d'interprétation du patrimoine de Sorel (CIPS) also wishes to thank the following persons and organizations for their contribution to the development of this virtual exhibition:

The Sorel-Tracy School Board, the Coopérative de solidarité de la réserve de la biosphère du Lac-Saint-Pierre, the ministère des Ressources naturelles, de la Faune et des Parcs du Québec.

Messrs. Paul Messier and Jean-François Cloutier of the Société d'aménagement de la baie Lavallière (SABL), Pierre Brousseau and Daniel Bergeron of Environment Canada, who agreed to our accompanying them for avian fauna inventories taken in the marshes.

The Montreal Biodome, for having allowed us to make videos of the fish and birds.

The Société de conservation de Saint-Barthélémy et Saint-Joseph-de-Maskinongé (SCOBAJM), for having provided the photo of the viewing platform.

CIPS virtual exhibition production team:
Marc Mineau, CIPS Director: supervision; awarding of contracts; financial management; proofreading
Anne-Marie Dulude, biologist and Web coordinator/designer at the CIPS: coordination, design, writing, editing of translation, illustrations and photographs of the sections on fauna (summer, fall and winter) and human interventions (fall and winter)
Sonia Boivin, administrative assistant at the CIPS: proofreading
Johanne Girard, promotional officer at the CIPS: promotion
Émilie Lavoie and Jean-Yves Péloquin, boat pilots at the CIPS

Cazacommunications production team
(computer graphics, editing, programming and multimedia integration):
Isabelle Caza, artistic director;
Pascale Lavigne, flash and HTML integrator;
Annie Cournoyer, graphic designer;
Éric Déry, graphic designer.

Photo and video production team:
Philippe Manning, photographer: exhibition photos
Luc Lamoureux: video footage
Luc Lamoureux assisted by Jessie Gladu: video footage during the inventory of the Black Tern

External collaborators:
Martin Léveillé, biologist at the ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune du Québec: scientific consultation, validation, proofreading and editing of translation
Jean-Claude St-Arneault: proofreading
Margaret Buckley: translation
Josée Amesse: editing of translation
Jean-François Cloutier: editing of translation
Mark Manning: editing of translation

Paul Messier: consultant; photos of the green dragon, blue-spotted salamander, Eastern grey treefrog, Common Moorhen, Black Tern on its nest, Black-crowned Night-heron, Great Horned Owl, red fox, common racoon in summer and fall, striped skunk, snowshoe hare in summer and winter, Eastern Screech-Owl, female Wood Duck, common muskrat in fall, Northern Cardinal, Evening Grosbeak, Common Merganser, Black-capped Chickadee, Snowy Owl, Red-breasted Nuthatch, eastern chipmunk, red squirrel, northern flying squirrel, American porcupine, white-tailed deer in winter.

SABL: nesting box monitoring photography in winter. For photos of common muskrat trapping in winter: USFWS (United States Fish and Wildlife Service).

Advisory Committee:
Marc Mineau,
Anne-Marie Dulude,
Isabelle Caza,
Philippe Manning,
Johanne Girard,
Martin Léveillé,
Luc Lamoureux,
Diane Bouchard.